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Encouraging gig venues to make the positive swap to reusable plastic cups

Plastic waste is a huge problem and we need to do a lot of work to reduce the volume of it.  Eliminating single use plastic cups in venues, is one way to make a difference.  As a musician and a gig lover myself, I want to help bars/venues make the change.


Sing no to plastic waste campaign

Although there is great work being done to reduce takeaway cups, most gig venues are still using a large amount of single use plastic cups. It’s understandable that bars don’t want glassware for safety at events due to potential breakages.  Some use cans and try to recycle them and some allow glass bottles as they don’t shatter like glass cups do. Unfortunately, the most common drinking vessel is a single use plastic cup. This campaign aims to change that by encouraging reusable plastic cups, that can be uniquely branded to each bar/venue

Why join the campaign?


It’s reported that plastic currently contributes 850 million tons of greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere, accelerating global warming and oceans have 8 million tons of plastic floating in it.

Reuse over recycle

The latest figures show that we are only able to recycle 4% of plastic materials and the rest goes to landfill.

Happy Customers

Customers are paying premium prices for a drink at the bar, therefore deserve a better cup to drink out of.  Also, plastic cups squeeze, split and then spill.


Business logos/designs branded on cups and advertising within the Sing no to Plastic Waste campaign.

Wasting money

It’s costly to continue buying plastic cups that go to waste.

Cleaner venues

Cups are just thrown onto the ground in gig venues.


Gig venues will be legally required to make the change in the next couple years.  I propose to help you get ahead of the game and start helping the environment, pleasing your customers, positively advertising your business and saving yourself some money.

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